We Offer An Extended Product Line Of Military & Aerospace Coatings

Military Topcoats

Creative Coatings Company, Inc. has been supplying the highest quality military topcoats since 1977. We stock a variety of enamels, polyurethanes, and chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC) that meet the specifications required by the military. We have many in stock, which are available for same-day shipping. By carrying coatings manufactured by NCP Coatings, Akzo Nobel Aerospace and Spectrum Coatings, we are able to provide the broadest range of specifications possible. In addition, we carry products from other coating manufacturers. Please contact us for additional information.

A-A-1452Chemical Resistant LacquerMIL-PRF-3043Resin Coating
A-A-3164Camouflage Synthetic LacquerMIL-PRF-81352Aircraft Touch-Up Coating
A-A-3165Gloss LacquerMIL-PRF-85285Polyurethane Aircraft Coating
A-A-59166Nonslip Walkway CompoundMIL-W-5044Nonslip Walkway Compound
MIL-DTL-11195Fast Dry Lusterless EnamelTT-E-489Gloss Alkyd Enamel
MIL-DTL-15090Equipment EnamelTT-E-527Lusterless Alkyd Enamel
MIL-DTL-24441Epoxy Polyamide PaintTT-E-529Semi Gloss Alkyd Enamel
MIL-DTL-24607Chlorinated Alkyd EnamelTT-L-20Camouflage Lacquer
MIL-DTL-53039Single Component Camouflage CARC CoatingTT-L-32Cellulose Nitrate Lacquer
MIL-DTL-64159Waterborne Camouflage CARC CoatingTT-L-50Cellulose Nitrate Lacquer
MIL-L-19537Gloss Nitrocellulose LacquerTT-L-54Acid Resistant Lacquer
MIL-L-19538Lusterless Nitrocellulose LacquerTT-P-2756Polyurethane Single Coat
MIL-PRF-14105Heat Resisting PaintTT-P-28Heat Resisting Aluminum
MIL-PRF-22750High Solids EpoxyTT-V-121Spar Varnish
MIL-PRF-24635Silicone Alkyd EnamelTT-V-173Fungus Resistant Varnish