We Offer An Extended Product Line Of Military & Aerospace Coatings

Military Primers

In order to provide the cornerstone of a quality coating process, Creative Coatings Company, Inc. stocks a variety of primers that meet the specifications required by the military. These primers are critical to maximizing corrosion resistance and provide the basis upon which a quality paint job can be performed. We supply high performance, environmentally friendly options, including chromate free and water reducible primers, in addition to traditional primer options. We carry qualified products from many manufacturers, including NCP Coatings, Akzo Nobel Aerospace, and Spectrum Coatings. We carry primers from other manufacturers as well. Please contact us for additional information.

AMS 3110Zinc Chromate PrimerMIL-PRF-23377High Solids Epoxy Primer
AMS 3117Zinc Molybdate PrimerMIL-PRF-26915Zinc Dust Primer
MIL-DTL-24441Epoxy Polyamide PrimerTT-P-1757Alkyd Base Primer Coating
MIL-DTL-53022Corrosion Inhibiting Epoxy PrimerTT-P-2760Polyurethane Elastomeric Primer
MIL-DTL-53030Water Reducible Epoxy PrimerTT-P-645Zinc Molybdate Primer
MIL-DTL-85582Waterborne Epoxy PrimerTT-P-664Red Oxide Primer