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Specialty Coatings

In addition to carrying topcoats and primers, Creative Coatings Company, Inc. carries other coatings required for a complete finish process. These include fuel tank coatings, high temperature coatings, corrosion preventative compounds, fill/engravers and marking inks. Many are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Please contact us for additional information.

299-947-144Pinhole FillerMIL-C-8514Acid Wash Pretreatment
A-A-56032Epoxy Marking InkMIL-DTL-450Bituminous Black Coating
AMS-C-27725Fuel Tank CoatingMIL-I-43553Epoxy Marking Ink
BMS 10-102 Ty-1High Temperature Insulative CoatingMIL-PRF-16173Corrosion Preventative Compound
BMS 10-20 Ty-2Fuel Tank CoatingMIL-PRF-3043Metal Part Resin Coating
BMS 5837Pinhole FillerMIL-PRF-46010Dry Film Lubricant
CMFS-029 Ty-2Fuel Tank CoatingTT-F-325Filler Engraver
DOD-P-15328Wash Primer Pretreatment